Here is a quick little set up of all the equipment I use in my home studio. Hoping to give you some inspiration to build yours.


1. KeyLab Essential 61


Price : 199$

Link here



2. Stand Neewer



Price : 60$

Link here



3. Minilab Mk 2


Price : 99$

Link here



4. Screen BenQ


Price : 129$

Link here



5. Audio Interface Audiofuse


Price : 595$

Link here



6. DT-770 Pro


Price : 149$

Link here



7. Speaker Yamaha HS8 with stand



Price : 710$

Link here



That’s most of my equipment. Of course, I didn’t mention that I have a Macbook pro (connected to the screen), the Logic Pro X software and my MPK mini that I still use.




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