If composition is above all a passion, it’s not a reason not to make some money with it ! Thanks to our homemade beats, it is totally possible to earn some pocket money. Below, I’ve listed the many ways to earn money through beatmaking.


1. Sell your beats



This is the most obvious method. In other words, if an artist falls madly in love with one of your beats, he can decide to buy it in order to put his voice on it. You determine the price of your instrumental according to your expertise, the time spent on it, your audio equipment, etc…

Please note: although the artist may use your instrument as he wishes (depending on the licenses), he will not hold the copyright. To give you a picture, it’s like renting an apartment that you own: a tenant may live in your apartment, but the apartment will always remain your property. This is where we come to royalties, the most lucrative part when we sell beats.

Ah and while we’re at it, if you don’t know where and how to sell your productions, don’t hesitate to check this article right here.


2. Receive royalties



Once you have sold your beat, you will ideally receive royalties, i.e. the benefits of copyright via the copyright management company from your country. Let’s say that the artist who invested in your instrumental makes it a real hit on all radios and streaming platforms, you will then collect a certain percentage of its revenue… and this for the rest of your life. Every time the song is broadcasted on TV, radio, in nightclubs or concerts, you will touch a little something.

That’s why you can see on the networks that many beatmakers offer beats for free: they rely on the future royalties that they will bring them (as here for example).This is a clever technique since some artists will be more easily tempted to use free beats: you have a better chance of making a hit. It is up to you to decide how to operate !


3. Sell your sample packs



If you have enough experience and a little time ahead of you, it is definitely possible to create your own samples and put them together in packs. These will be offered for sale to other beatmakers eager for something new.

At the marketing level, it is preferable to organize your packs according to a global theme. There are the Type Beat, i. e. packs containing samples that remind us of this or that artist. The packs can also include samples that refer to the same musical style (afro, trap, pop…) or to a specific period (winter 2015, summer 2018…). Then, it’s up to you to set a price for your packs, but it doesn’t cost anything to check what others are doing to offer competitive prices: loopmaster , producerloopmodernproducer.


4. Open a YouTube channel



As long as you are comfortable with a camera and have an educational mind, launching a channel dedicated to tutorials on YouTube is a good alternative. In these videos you will be able to explain some points of beatmaking such as the use of a sequencer, the realization of such a beat style as imamusicmogul or Chuki Beats can do. If you can make your community grow and get a number of views on a regular basis, your channel can be monetized. But be careful, you may not get the money in the first month: you have to be patient.

In practice, advertising is not the most important aspect of a channel, but rather the material benefits. Indeed, if you have quality content and an active community, some brands can approach you and offer you material in exchange for a little visibility. If you agree to promote a brand, be honest: choose your partners according to your tastes.


5. Keep a blog



This is for those who have a preference for the written word. As with video tutorials, it is possible for you to keep a blog to help beatmakers (like on mine 😉 ). If you can maintain an active community there too, it is possible to drag advertising tools onto your site (via Google AdSense for example) in order to earn some money. It will not be astronomical sums, but it is a start.

Like the method just before, you will also be able to receive gifts from advertisers that you can test on your site. If brands come to you, that’s fine, but don’t hesitate to approach them yourself.


6. Organize workshops


What is a workshop? It is simply a kind of small formation, usually organized in small groups, where a beatmaker can teach the profession to beginners in a recording studio. The workshop program, times, place, prices… all these details are to be defined by you.

Once your training is ready, it is advisable to promote it on your blog, YouTube channel and/or social networks in order to reach a wider audience.

To give you an idea, here are some examples of proposed workshops:


7. Offer mixing and mastering services



If you have mixing and mastering facilities, use your talents! Artists can send you their songs and it will be your job to mix and master them (a cruelly underestimated step). To carry out this mission, it is necessary to know by heart this part of beatmaking and therefore to have a few years behind you in the field already.
It is then strongly recommended to open a website to offer your services.

This is it for the non-exhaustive list of different ways to make some money with beatmaking. When properly combined, these methods can help you earn a good salary supplement. It’s up to you !