As you read my article about sound banks, you now know what a VST is. You will find some in your sequencer. To further expand your sound bank, it is interesting to download new VSTs that fully adapt to your musical style. When you start beatmaking, it is interesting to start with free plugins. That’s why I’m presenting here my selection of the best free VST Synthés for making Trap and Hip Hop beats. 


1. Tunefish 4


This VST offers a variety of sounds: pads, leads or plucked…. It also offers the possibility to modify the parameters of the presets: distortion, delay, reverb… in order to customize them completely.

The strong point: the pads that create atmosphere which is ideal for creating Chill Hip Hop beats.


Download here.



2. U-he Zebralette


Zebralette is a plugin signed by the German manufacturers U-he, well known for their creations of free and quality VST.

With Zebralette, you will have a lot of presets at your disposal, which I find quite good for creating trap melodies. It is true that this plugin was created more than 6 years ago but I find that it still has some very current sounds.

The strong point : A pleasant design and ease of use: I really recommend it for novices.


Download here 



3. U-he Tyrell N6 free vst trap


Still at U-he, Tyrell N6 is a plugin that offers us many high quality presets.

With this one you can create chill beats and US GNI, a bit like Drake or Travis Scott. It is also compatible with MAC and Windows (so all sequencers).

The strong point : There are a lot of tutorials of this plugin on Youtube. Below I shared with you a video of a beatmaker making a beat with this plugin.


Download here



4. Arminator Synth free vst trap


And finally, to finish, I advise you Arminator Synth on which we can find very good presets among the sound bank that is offered to us. I’m thinking in particular of the analog synth sounds, perfect for creating Back To The Future style Trap melodies.

The strong point : a wide choice of presets that, in addition, can be easily modified.


Download here


That’s it for my selection of free plugins that can be found on the net. If you want more, you will find a multitude of them after a little research. Here I preferred to present only the plugins that I prefer, which are more Hip Hop and Trap oriented.

Feel free to comment here if you have any questions or other suggestions;).




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