Recording an instrumental from start to finish is good but making sure that a lot of people listen to it…is even better. After completing your song in your well-equipped home studio, you probably want to have your music played by other people. Even if you don’t want to  make beatmaking a full-time job, you’d like to raise some extra cash just to make ends meet. Below are some ideas to give more visibility to your hard work.



1. Contact labels and artists


That’s the direct method.  We’re heading straight for the big producers. If you are not very good at marketing, it doesn’t cost anything to directly send demos of your work to the labels of the artists you like. Their websites are easy to find on Google and always include a contact section. Although we’re not going to hide it, the chances of your songs being listened are pretty low.

Here you are some tips from an experienced music producer :




That said, if they really like your instrumentals, an artistic director will come back to you and this could be the beginning of a great collaboration ! A lot of patience is obviously required. Don’t forget to also follow closely social networks of the labels and the artists you love ! They sometimes ask for direct submission from time to time which means they will listen to everything they receive.
All you’ve got to do is to email them your demos to a specified address. Address which you should keep carefully for the future as it can be useful…





2. Being spotted by an artistic director


Here, I’m talking more to savy social network users. If you regularly post great content on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram as well, there is a good chance that an artistic director will contact you if  he likes your productions. In itself, the artistic director’s job is to help the artist to create his universe, to have all the cards in hand to make an flawless project. But before that, he is in charge of spotting on SoundCloud, in concerts… but also on networks. If he finds you, the artistic director will ask you to send him some demos that he will play to one of his artists already signed. From then on, all you have to do is hope and pray !




3. Use the social networks to sell your beats


It is more or less the same method as before but going a bit deeper. First step ? YouTube. Lots of beatmakers share on their YouTube page videos called Type Beat, offering an instrumental on which the artist could put his voice. This is a good way to have an effective referring system and to land in the first results. The problem is that there are a lot of videos like that and you must to stand out. To do this, it is better to use your logo, the thumbnail, the background image of the video… in short, professional looking graphics for your whole channel  (example here).


Exemples of Type Beat


If you are rather connected to Instagram, it is also possible to promote yourself on this network. Knowing that Insta’s videos are limited to 1 minute, it is necessary to fit your beats in this period of time and especially to decorate them with a nice background image. Aesthetics are everything, and this can’t be more true on Instagram. The other advantage of this network is the possibility of using a pile of hashtag to get more attention and attract more visitors. Be careful though, on both YouTube and Insta, don’t forget to protect your instrumentals with a VOICETAG repeated several times. It will prevent your pieces from being stolen illegally.



4. Try these instrumentals selling platforms


If an artist has fallen in love with one of your instrumentals (heard on your networks) and wants to put his voice on it, he must be able to buy it. There are platforms for selling instrumentals: I’m talking about websites like AirBit or BeatStars. These websites work like markets by linking beatmakers and singers/rappers looking for instrumentals (thus potential buyers). As you may guess, each website will touch a small percentage on your sells but nothing crazy. Don’t forget to check the different types of  licences to find the one that suits you the most.



5. Get posted on specific promotional pages



It is possible to send demos to beatmaking media. They can be both on YouTube or Instagram and posting your instrumentals on their pages can guarantee you more visibility. It’s an excellent way to promote one of your beats on sale on the internet, those pages are frequently visited by rappers and other people in the music world.


6. Launch your own website


This method can prove to be more effective than selling on specialised websites. By doing so, you not only show that you’re a serious and professional beatmaker but you also increase your chances to sell your sounds. A lot of website creating platforms are now accessible and offer you to simply put in place e-trade. If you have some basics in HTML, CSS and all that, I recommend you check Wix or WordPress platforms. Also, for more convenience, you can create a site directly with the Beatstar application like CashMoneyAp did.



You probably understood that social networks are a key element to make people know you and your music. Having a YouTube page, an Instagram account and following the news on beatmaking pages is a starting point if you want people to listen to and invest in your instrumentals. One thing is certain, you will need patience, as well as a lot of determination.




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